Ultrafast nanooptics

Ultrafast nanooptics, i.e. the combination of nanooptics and ultrafast laser spectroscopy, is a new and rapidly evolving field in physics and neighboring disciplines. This web page should provide an information platform for this field of research. Announcements, news, and other information important to this field of research that are brought to our attention will be made accessible on this page. So hopefully this page will become a valuable information platform in the coming years.


In addition to this service for the rapidly growing ultrafast nanooptics community the page serves as home page for the recently established priority program SPP 1391 Ultrafast Nanooptics of the German Science Foundation.


The displayed information on the pages is open to all users. Additional information, downloads of presentations and online registration is open only for registered users. For registration as regular user please click here.


Seeking internal information of the SPP and editing of the SPP project pages requires the registration as SPP user. For this an additional password is required that is known to the principal investigators of the individual SPP projects. With this password it is possible to register here.

NEWS: Program of 4th International Workshop on Ultrafast Nanooptics

From October, 18-22, 2015, the "4th International Workshop on Ultrafast Nanooptics (UNO-4)” was held in Bad Dürkheim. October 21 and 22 were dedicated to the Work Group meeting on "Nonlinearities and ultrafast processes in nanostructured media" within the COST action MP1403 on "Nanoscale Quantum Opitcs". More information about this COST action is available here.


List of invited speaker:

Guillaume Bachelier, Institut Néel, Grenoble, France

Giulio Cerullo, Politecnico, Milano, Italy

Steven Cundiff, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Thomas Durt, Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France

Ralph Ernstorfer, Fritz-Haber-Institut, Berlin, Germany

Javier García de Abajo, Institut de Ciènces Fotònique, Barcelona, Spain

Stephen Gray, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, USA

Hayk Harutyanyan, Emory University, Atlanta, USA

Ulrich Höfer, Universität Marburg, Germany

Shin-ya Koshihara, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Mark Stockman, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA

More information about the event is available here.