Ultrafast nanooptics

3rd SPP 1391 School



The 3rd Summer School of the "Ultrafast Nanooptics" Priority Programme is held from October 28-30, 2013 in the "Wolfsburg" in Mülheim and covers the interaction of broadband and ultra-short laser pulses with nanoscalar objects. It focuses on the topics: (i) coherent control, (ii) propagation, (iii) nonlinear response, and (iv) nanoemitters and nanoantennae.

Invited presentations will be given both by external guests and principal investigators from within the Priority Program. There will also be selected short talks, a poster session, and a short conference outing on Tuesday afternoon.


List of invited speakers:

Ludovic Douillard, Paris

Thomas Fennel, Rostock

Bert Hecht, Würzburg

Peter Hommelhoff, Erlangen   

Ulf Kleineberg, München

Joachim Krenn, Graz

Stefan Linden, Bonn

Claus Ropers, Göttingen

Erich Runge, Ilmenau

Thomas Zentgraf, Paderborn   


The school will be held in the Wolfsburg (http://www.die-wolfsburg.de/) in Mülheim. To reach the Wolfsburg, travel to Duisburg Main station and take subway line 901 towards Mülheim. The subway will turn into a regular streetcar befor you leave the train at the "Monning" station. From there, it is a 10 Minute walk to the Wolfsburg. In case you travel by car, please exit the A3 at the intersection with A40 (Kreuz Kaiserberg).


The School will start at Monday with the possibility to have lunch at 12 noon. The first session starts at 1 pm. On Wednesday the departure is planned for 1 pm after lunch.

Please note in the comments field of your registration whether you plan to arrive after the lunch on Monday.

There is no conference fee and the priority program covers the expenses for accomodation for all participants. Traveling expenses can not be financed from the coordination fund of the SPP. This also applies for the invited speakers that are members of the SPP. For the external guests all expenses are covered

The registration for this event is closed.

For late registrations please inform directly PD Dr. Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf.


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