Ultrafast nanooptics

Propagation and coherent control of excitations in optical nano-circuits (Brixner, Hecht)

Optical nanocircuits consist of (i) optical antennas to efficiently excite specific local modes by far-field radiation, (ii) a small-footprint network of optical transmission lines (OTLs) to distribute and manipulate plasmonic excitations, and (iii) another set of optical antennas to efficiently convert local modes into propagating photons. The understanding of optical nanocircuits and a “systems approach” for their theoretical description in terms of discrete circuit elements, respective impedances and their interactions are fundamental for the realization and optimization of nano-optical devices and applications in areas such as sensing, (quantum) information processing, and nanometerscale coherent light sources.

We employ far-field spectral interferometry to fully characterize amplitude and phase of propagating plasmons that are transmitted through circuit elements in the form of ultrashort pulses. This enables us in particular to determine the group velocity of, e.g., plasmons on silver nanowires as a function of geometrical parameters.


Producing high-quality nanostructures, e.g., sophisticated circuit elements, is a very challenging task that we tackled by developing a method to fabricate single-crystalline gold flakes. In contrast to vapour-deposited multi-crystalline gold layers, these single-crystalline gold flakes allow for high-precision focused ion-beam milling.



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