Ultrafast nanooptics

Transfer of angular momentum by circularly polarized near fields (Elmers, Kreiter)

The aim of the experiment is to measure the efficiency of angular momentum transfer from the electromagnetic near field to the spin system of a probe particle or film. The experimental set-up comprises a combination of photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) and an electron spin-analyzer (Mott-type) allowing the measurement of individual coupled nanostructures. Using circularly polarized light from a femtosecond laser (Titanium-sapphire), localized plasmons with circular polarization are excited. The key advantage of near field optics lies in the large electro-magnetic field strength that can be achieved without destruction of the sample, giving access to otherwise impossible experimental conditions. In addition, time-resolved measurements using pump-probe techniques provide information on the time-dependence of the angular momentum transfer process.


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