Ultrafast nanooptics

Coherent control in plasmonic hybrid structures, metamaterials, and nanoantennas (Giessen)

In this project, we investigate the ultrafast temporal dynamics as well as the nonlinear optical properties of hybrid plasmonic nanostructures. Our model system consists of a gold nanowire grating on top of a dielectric slab waveguide. In the nanowires, we optically excite localized plasmons which oscillate perpendicular to the wire. Since the dephasing processes of localized particle plasmons occur on a femtosecond timescale, methods of ultrashort laser pulse characterization (nonlinear autocorrelation techniques) are used to investigate their temporal dynamics. The dephasing of particle plasmons can be tailored by coupling them to photonic modes in the dielectric slab waveguide. In this way, a coupled plasmonic-photonic system with new eigenstates (waveguide plasmon polariton) and significantly prolonged dephasing times is excited. 


In a further step, we want to influence the plasmon polariton dephasing dynamically in an all-optical control experiment. Using a femtosecond laser pulse sequence, the plasmon polariton polarization, which is excited by a first sub-8 fs laser pulse, is coherently turned on or off by a second pulse, only a few tens of femtoseconds after the excitation. To read out the plasmon polariton polarization, we use a third pulse together with a nonlinear process (third harmonic generation). The experimental data shows all-optical plasmon control with high contrast and perfect agreement with numerical calculations [T. Utikal et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 113903 (2010)]. This concept might open up a route to ultrafast plasmonic switching on the nanoscale with femtosecond accuracy.


Additionally, we are interested in the nonlinear optical response of the hybrid plasmonic structures. From third harmonic generation spectroscopy it is found that the shape of the nonlinear optical spectra is completely different when compared with the linear spectra. By carefully varying the structure geometry as well as the constituent materials, the origin of the nonlinearity can be unambiguously identified from the shape of the nonlinear spectra. The observations are confirmed by several theoretical considerations [T. Utikal et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 133901 (2011)].


In the future, our concepts will be applied to more complex plasmonic structures such as plasmonic oligomers [M. Hentschel et al., Nano Lett. 10, 2721 (2010)] and three-dimensional nanoantennas [D. Drégely et al., Nat. Communications 2, 267 (2011)].


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