Ultrafast nanooptics

Tip-enhanced ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy of organic solar cells (Meixner, Zhang)

The main goal of this project is to combine parabolic mirror assisted tip-enhanced near-field optical microscopy and ultrafast laser spectroscopy to study ultrafast exciton dynamics in optically active materials with nanometer spatial resolution and femtosecond precision. As a model system we will use e.g. P3HT/PCBM, a prominent blend film system for organic solar cells which forms bulk-heterojunctions with a mean domain size ranging from 5 nm to several tens of nanometers. We target at monitoring ultrafast exciton relaxation and charge transfer in the blend polymer film down to the single-domain level by ultrafast tip-enhanced photoluminescence spectroscopy (TEPLS) and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS).


With this project we would like to contribute to a better understanding of the fundamental phenomena concerning the spatiotemporal dynamics of electromagnetic excitation in hybrid nanostructures consisting of a metal and an optically active material, and at the same time address a practical issue - solar energy conversion - by a deeper understanding of the fundamentals about organic solar cell systems on the nanometer scale.


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